Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Why the Banks Are Worse Than the Oil Companies by Andy K.

Because at least the oil companies make useful, high-quality products
for consumers. I admit that killing the planet is inherently part of
the manufacturing process for oil, but at least the products that come
out of an oil barrel (plastics, agricultural fertilizers, gasoline)
are fantastic.

On the contrary, the products that banks make (loans) suck. Yes,
loans are necessary, but if your monthly payment is one day late, your
interest rate can jump from 7.9 percent to 29.9 percent overnight.
That product sucks. No other industry punishes its own longtime loyal
customer the way banks do. A loan that jumps to 29.9 percent is a
lousy loan. It's a low-quality product.

No mechanic ever told me that my car was damaged because I used
gasoline. Gasoline always works. Always. Simply put, the oil
companies have quality control, the banks don't.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Lesser Evil blog entry from July 3, 2007

Just as Andy predicted, Murdoch sabotages the capitalists on Wall Street...

Andrew Sullivan:


Andy K.: