Sunday, August 29, 2010

Fox News coverage of Bush's gay campaign manager

Ken Mehlman served as the campaign manager for the 2004 re-election campaign of George W. Bush and Chairman of the Republican National Committee from 2005 to 2007. On August 26, 2010, Mehlman came out as gay, making him one of the most prominent openly gay figures in the Republican Party.

In the last 24 hours:
CNN has mentioned Mehlman 19 times
MSNBC has mentioned Mehlman 12 times
Fox News has mentioned Mehlman 0 times

Fox News hasn't mentioned Dr. Laura Schlessinger's "nigger" tirade at all.

quote of the day

"Rather than emphatically stand up to the bankers and other oligarchical thieves, [the Obama administration] coddled and served them, and thus became the face of the elite interests oppressing ordinary Americans rather than their foes. How can an administration represented by Tim Geithner and Larry Summers -- and which specializes in an endless stream of secret deals with corporate lobbyists and sustains itself with Wall Street funding -- possibly maintain any pretense of populist support or changing how Washington works? It can't.

There are few more bitter ironies than watching the Republican Party -- controlled at its core by the very business interests responsible for the country's economic collapse -- now become the beneficiaries of middle-class and lower-middle-class economic insecurity. But the Democratic Party's failure/refusal/inability to be anything other than the Party of Tim Geithner renders them unable to offer answers to angry, anxious, resentful Americans. As has happened countless times in countless places, those answers are now being provided instead by a group of self-serving, hateful extremist leaders eager to exploit that anger for their own twisted financial and political ends. And it seems to be working."

-Glenn Greenwald

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Facebook vs. democracy

This fall California voters get to vote on a ballot initiative to legalize marijuana and apparently Facebook has deemed this unacceptable discourse, unceremoniously taking down the supporters' page.


Friday, August 20, 2010

quote of the day

"I am reticent to characterize myself politically on occasions when I'm really being asked, 'Whose side are you on?' The answer to that question should never be 'the liberal side' or 'the conservative side,' unless the person being questioned is naive enough to think that one ideology or the other has a monopoly on truth."
- Conor Friedersdorf

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Right-wingers ignoring Obama's actual tyranny



I love this image. This graph depicts the price for a share of Citibank stock between 1988 and 2010. When Bill Clinton took office in January 1993, Citibank stock traded for about $4.10 per share. The lie of Clinton/Bush free market neoliberalism is that the stock market will go up forever, and the economy will grow forever. So long as the politicians remove regulations & taxes, the market will be a wealth-creating machine. On paper, Citibank's profits were big, but the profits themselves were a lie. In reality, the bank was making all its money selling worthless mortgages. Sure, in the short term, the price peaked at $53 in 2007. But in the long run, it's only worth about $4 per share.
-Andy K.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Obama making Bush's extreme policies "new normal"

ACLU 18-Month Review of Obama's civil liberties and national security record:


Obama and tortured evidence

Candidate Obama claimed to be opposed to the use of statements from detainees obtained through the use of torture. There's no way around it, President Obama's approach has sadly been a continuation of the Bush years.