Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Obama and the torture of Private Bradley Manning

Ever since day one, the Obama administration has kept the US torture machine intact: no charges against the Bush era masterminds, business as usual at Bagram, more extraordinary renditions, and a predictable flip-flop on the promise to close Guantanamo which continues to hold hundreds of prisoners charged with no crimes.

The President's claim on Friday that the treatment of Pfc. Bradley Manning, which includes 23 hour per day solitary confinement and forced nudity, is "appropriate" and is "meeting our basic standards" is unsurprising. In a very Bush-esque moment, Obama explained he was confident that Manning's not being mistreated because the Pentagon told him so. Manning, who has languished in military detention for months, is suspected of passing on classified documents to WikiLeaks including information on Obama's secret bombing of Yemen.

Earlier last week, State department spokesman, P.J. Crowley called Manning's treatment "ridiculous and counterproductive and stupid." Crowley was fired on Sunday.

Meanwhile, Rush Limbaugh is still calling Obama a Marxist.