Tuesday, May 26, 2009

symbolism, not facts

This is an old Paul Krugman opinion piece from 2002, but it is so completely true. The big boys (Chevron, Shell, etc.) do not invest money to lobby Congress to drill in ANWR. They don't give a shit either way about ANWR. Because if it really mattered to them, they'd already be drilling there. But it's expensive to drill in Arctic conditions, (especially compared with cheap drilling in mild climates with cheap labor-- Nigeria, Burma, etc.) and the tiny amount of oil in Alaska could NEVER EVER liberate addicted Americans from dependency on Saudis. But you'd never know this from listening to Limbaugh, Palin, etc. The catchphrase from the GOP Convention in Minneapolis was "Drill, baby, drill!" It's all about symbolism, and throwing some red meat to the patriotic peasants. It's all about finding someone --anyone-- to blame for $3.50 gasoline. I can only assume that the executives and geologists at Chevron chuckle with amusement at the entertaining lies of Limbaugh... but they know it has nothing to do with reality. - Andy K.


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