Tuesday, September 11, 2007

"rethinking my theories of Pelosi's motives" by Andy K.

Ever since the 2006 Congressional elections, I've been
convinced that the Dems have deliberately avoided
ending the Iraq war because: 1) they don't want to be
typecast as unpatriotic wimps by GOP tough guys like
Giuliani; and 2) they don't want to be blamed for the
inevitable civil war/genocide that will accompany the
withdrawal of U.S. troops.

I think I was wrong. It's worse than that. Earlier
tonight, Keith Olbermann suggested to Frank Rich that
the reason the Dems won't end the war is because this
bloodbath is good politics for the Dems: they intend
to use it as a campaign issue in 2008.

They're even more cynical than Bush...

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