Sunday, June 19, 2011

War Is Not The Answer - Vote Obama 2012

Obama's maintaining operations in Iraq, he expanded not only the campaign in Afghanistan but also the drone strikes in Pakistan that only make headlines on Al Jazeera. He slid those killing machines over to Yemen and now Kucinich (who apparently has nothing to lose) is suing him over the illegal war in Libya. Obama just really digs warfare and the curtailing of civil liberties that go along with that policy. His recent renewal of the PATRIOT Act highlights the difference between the Bush and Obama police states: progressives hate Republican police states. All of this makes me miss the days of Ashcroft and Gonzales, those villains! Yes, our Nobel laureate is one stellar politician who maintains a base of cult members driving around town with "War Is Not The Answer" stuck to their bumper right next to "Hope And Change" while their man is embedded in five wars.

Yesterday's drone attack in Yemen:

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